BBM: Intercontinental Tobaccos



The state of the art, Ajman Plant is spread over 13000 sq meters with built-up production capacity floor of over 5000 sq meters. Every stage of processing and testing tobacco, the plant is highly mechanized to treat tobacco from raw format all the way to filling in cigarettes and packaging. The plant can produce cigarettes of varying width and lengths producing regulars to exclusive super-slims.

The highly mechanized plant ensures extreme consistency in the entire production with innovative variants and manufacturing process eliminating any chances of inconsistency in quality, blends, size, etc. there is absolute control over the quality of every single stick of cigarette that makes ITC FZE a preferred cigarette maker for some of the most reputed brands. The annual production capacity of the plant is currently at 8.40 billion sticks and is equipped flexibility to meet the most stringent of turnaround


Packaging and logistics is the key to ensuring that the quality of cigarette and other tobacco products are maintained in transit and that the end user relishes the same quality and taste as committed by the brand. At ITC FZE, we understand this aspect of packaging besides the logistics aspect of meeting timelines of delivery. Our in-house packaging and delivery mechanisms ensure that every consignment reaches to the client within the stipulated timeframes and in the expected quality parameters with focus on turnaround times.