BBM: Intercontinental Tobaccos



BBM Group is known for maintaining the highest levels of customer-centricity in terms of delivering the committed quality within the stipulated timeframes. These aspects are cardinal to the business and brand imagery of its clients across the globe, which the company very much protects and cherishes, as its own. In this light, ITC FZE, stands by the same quality policies and strict adherence to practices that have helped build the BBM Group over close to a century now with clients spanning across the globe.

ITC FZE has invested extensively in creating mechanisms, quality-check parameters, processes and systems that ensure that the highest of the quality standards are met in every consignment. The company believes in upholding the interests of the clients and therefore, maintaining quality standards is key to the way the company functions and builds growth for itself as well as its clients. Not just the senior management and the leadership teams, but professionals at every level are sensitized to the aspect of meeting quality standards of every product that moves out of the company.

All product related processes, quality control and checking are extremely well documented, institutionalised and constantly benchmarked to best-in-class practices globally. The ITC FZE approach to automation, product and input selection and stringent controls ensures an extremely hygienic environment. All input raw materials are selected on the basis of a formal policy for utilisation and inclusion. Every input, as well as, final products are benchmarked against established and prescribed standards. Besides, vendor facilities are constantly benchmarked and upgraded and quality management systems and processes instituted.

Hygiene management is a key aspect at the manufacturing facility and diligent care is taken to ensure that all processes adhere to the established norms to ensure the sanctity of the production environment. All aspects of production process, from raw materials to finished product are conducted in a highly mechanised environment to ensure minimal chances of unwanted interactions and contamination of the product inputs at every stage. Delivering finest, unblemished quality of products is achieved using various testing facilities and maintaining procedures for hygiene management.